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"In all corners of the world, there are children who would benefit from music and mentoring that moves their souls

and helps them grow." - Micah Brown

International Art Mentors (iAM) was the dream and vision of musician and educator, Micah Brown, for decades. Micah partnered with co-founder Dr. Lynn Northrop and a team of amazing volunteer board members, mentors, and artists to manifest the dream. They interviewed experts in arts education, youth services, strategic planning, and non-profit management. They visited landmark programs in Los Angeles and San Diego and solidified plans to guide iAM's short- and long-term efforts. Now the dream is a reality. In July of 2020 iAM established its first chapter in the beautiful town of Laurel, Mississippi. iAM Laurel is thriving. In April of 2021 iAM received its federal 501c3 designation. Keep an eye on iAM, and join us! We are building something beautiful! 

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 “The potential for a humble greatness lives in each of us.”

– Wilma Rudolf 


International Arts Mentors is creating space for Children to be the best versions of themselves, inspiring Communities to work in harmony and inspiring Artists to be of service.

Photo credit: Ian Phares

Our Mission


iAM goes into communities to support the development of arts education programs built around our signature Three-Part Program©. Mentors are drawn from the local community. Featured artists and special guests are local, national and international. Parents and guardians are actively engaged. The children, families, mentors and artists in individual programs become a community unto themselves, and they join together to connect with and serve the larger community. The iAM vision has come to life in our inaugural chapter - iAM Laurel, Mississippi.


As the Three-Part Program© is built in multiple communities, we will support the development of regional youth orchestra and joint service projects to connect communities.


And finally, we will hold local and regional events with musical performances, art shows and athletics that highlight growth, character and community building, providing even more artists with opportunities to be of service in meaningful ways.

Anticipated Outcomes


Growth in musicianship, music appreciation, confidence and creativity, exposure to visual arts, movement, theater and more.


Values Clarification

Kids clarify their own values and can describe how their values guide their actions.


Dream Clarification

Kids explore their dreams for their future. They have a growth mindset. They can list practical steps toward dream-related goals and act on those steps.


Social Responsibility

Kids identify actions they can take as individuals and as a group to improve the lives of people in their community and in the larger world. They take action.


Emotional Intelligence

increased emotional literacy, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.


Cognitive Development

improved memory, problem solving, listening skills, fine motor skills, planning, and problem solving.  


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Help us build something beautiful!

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